poIResultCtrl IsLayerFilterValid

Checks if the layer filter is valid for the given data type.


poIResultCtrl_handle IsLayerFilterValid layer_filter_id sub_id data_type_name


HyperView Tcl Query


This command checks to see if the layer filter with the given ID is valid for the given subcase ID and data type. This can also be used to see if the same layer filter can be applied for various data types.


The ID of the layer filter to be created.
The ID of the subcase for which the layer filter has to be validated.
The data type name from which the filter has to be validated.


To create a layer filter with an ID of "2" for subcase 1, with a data type of “Composite Stress” (for a result file containing the following data type list: {“Displacement” “Strain” “Composite Stress”}) and then check to see if the same filter can be used for "Strain":
hwi OpenStack
hwi GetSessionHandle session_handle
session_handle GetProjectHandle project_handle
project_handle GetPageHandle page_handle [project_handle GetActivePage]
page_handle GetWindowHandle window_handle [page_handle GetActiveWindow]
window_handle GetClientHandle client_handle
client_handle GetModelHandle model_handle [client_handle GetActiveModel]
model_handle GetResultCtrlHandle result_handle
result_handle CreateLayerFilter 1 "Composite Stress" 2
result_handle IsLayerFilterValid 2 1 "Strain"
hwi CloseStack


Returns an error if the result controller handle is invalid.