Rename Panel

Use the Rename panel to change the name of a specific collector or to rename types of collectors to their respective ID with an optional prefix.

Analysis page > Safety module
Note: A different version of the Rename panel exists in many modules, such as the Safety module or the Optimization module. These alternate panels are analogous to the main Rename panel, except that they only enable you to rename entities appropriate to the module. In contrast, the main Rename panel lets you rename any entity at all.

Individually Subpanel

Option Action
entity switch Select the type of entity to rename.
original name = Click to select an existing collector.
new name = Specify a new name for the collector.

All By ID Subpanel

Option Action
(entity switch) Select the type of entity to rename.
prefix This prefix, plus a number, will become the new name of every collector of the chosen type. For example: if you specify part as the prefix, then all components of the chosen type will be renamed to part1, part2, and so on.

Command Buttons

Button Action
rename Rename the selected entities according to the input settings.
return Exit the panel.