Bulk Data Entry Activates the fast contact algorithm. This algorithm can only be used if the nonlinearity in the model comes from just contact (no friction allowed).

Parameter Values Description
FASTCONT <YES, NO> The material nonlinearity or nonlinear geometry is not supported with this algorithm. Also, CONTACT allowed is Node-to-Surface (N2S) type of contact only. Explicitly defined CGAP(G) is also allowed.
Fast Contact Analysis is activated.
NO (Default)
Fast Contact Analysis is not activated.


  1. In models containing contact, CONTACT/CGAP(G)-based Fast Contact is only supported for CONTACT=SLIDE.
  2. Models containing surfaces with user-created CGAP elements are also supported.
  3. MPC-based Fast Contact Analysis is available via PARAM, CDITER, SUPORT, SPOINT, and SPC entries are required for such model. PARAM,FASTCONT should not be used for MPC-based Fast Contact.