Bulk Data Entry Defines the amount of memory in Gigabytes to be used by the external FastFRS modal equation solver.

Parameter Values Description

Default = Memory used by OptiStruct for a particular run.

This parameter is only valid for FastFRS versions 2 and higher.

For more details, refer to FastFRS (Fast Frequency Response Solver) in the User Guide.


  1. If this parameter is not set, FastFRS will use the amount of memory that OptiStruct is using for the run.
  2. If the environment variable FFRS_MEM is set, it will override the value set using PARAM, FFRSMEM.
  3. OptiStruct and FastFRS can be run with different allocations of memory. For example, OptiStruct can be run with 10.0 Gigabytes and FastFRS with 20.0 Gigabytes in the same run.
  4. This parameter is only valid when PARAM, FFRS is set to YES.
  5. The minimum FFRSMEM memory value allowed is equal to 1 GB. If a value lower than 1 GB is specified, it is automatically reset to 1 GB.