Bulk Data Entry Outputs display model to .seplot file, from a CMS run.

Parameter Values Description


The value of this parameter is YES, if it is included in the input file, but no value is provided.

The value of this parameter is NO, if it is not included in input file.

PARAM, SEPLOT can be used during CMS analysis (only with the CBN method) to create a .seplot file that contains the ASET grid data, as well as the GRID and PLOTEL data defined using the MODEL I/O Option. The data is written to the .seplot file in OptiStruct.
YES (Default)
The .seplot file is created.
The .seplot file is not created.


  1. If there are character entries present in the 10th field of the GRID entry, they will also be printed to the .seplot file (only for the GRIDs involved in the CMS analysis).