Bulk Data Entry Controls the hourglass type.

Parameter Values Description
HGTYP <1, 2, 4> Hourglass control types.
Flanagan-Belytschko viscous form (available for both solids and shells).
2 (Default for MAT1/MATS1)
For solids: Puso enhanced assumed strain stiffness form (available only for eight noded CHEXA elements). 2
For shells: Flanagan-Belytschko stiffness form (available for shells only).
4 (Default for MATHE)
Reese enhanced assumed strain stiffness form (available only for eight-noded CHEXA elements).
<0.05, 0.15>
Default = 0.1
For shells with HGTYP=2
<0.0, 0.1>
Default = 0.05
For solids with HGTYP=2
<0.0, 1.0>
Default = 1.0
<0.0, 0.1>
Default = 0.01
Scale factor for hourglass control forces.


  1. An HOURGLS Bulk Data Entry referenced on the HGID field of PSOLID, PLSOLID, or PSHELL will overwrite the values defined via PARAM,HOURGLS.
  2. When HGTYP=2 is defined, the input HGFAC is neglected in the presence of MAT1/MATS1 and a fixed value of HGFAC=1.0 is used.