Bulk Data Entry This parameter activates Nonlinear Results Monitoring. Currently, only displacement results monitoring is available.

Parameter Values Description
  • If the parameter is not present in the model, the default is NO.
  • If the parameter is present in the model with no values specified, the run will terminate with an error.
Nonlinear solution generates displacement monitoring results in a second H3D file during runtime.
If the input file is named filename.fem, this second H3D file with monitoring results will be named filename_nl.h3d. Every iterative result in every increment performed until this point in time will be saved in this file.
The extra _nl.h3d file is not output.


  1. The generated _nl.h3d file and diagnostic information in the _nl.out file can be further analyzed using the script os_out_file_parser.tcl. For further information on using this script, refer to the NLMON Bulk Data Entry.
  2. PARAM,NLMON is overridden by NLMON Bulk and Subcase Entry pairs for any specified subcase. Supported subcases that do not contain the NLMON Subcase Entry will be influenced by PARAM,NLMON.
  3. NLMON is currently supported for Small and Large Displacement Nonlinear Static and Large Displacement Nonlinear Transient analysis only. By extension to Nonlinear Transient Analysis, it is also supported for Structural Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI).